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What people have said about the free seminar:  

“She explained how we behave and interact with others, whether we are aware of it or not, very well and pointed out things that I never considered – was very enlightening.”  - Madeleine, Vet Nurse Plus.

“Brought home to the basics and relationship building, particularly the importance of listening - makes you think about how you conduct yourself on a day-to-day basis.”  - S Santani, Good Ground Real Estate.

“A great introduction on how and why we communicate.” – Lyndie Mullins, Premium Northland Real Estate.

“Very much worth listening to!” – Martin Albrecht, Good Ground Real Estate.

“Enjoyed presentation I attended – check out her website.” – BT, Tee Cafe

"Engaging speaker, concise information of great value.  Kept on task”.  – Eloise Neeley, Northtec

“Great content and excellent delivery of material.  Friendly and welcoming session”.  – RJ, Whangarei

“… reiterated things I’d forgotten or clarified way of explaining them … an easy to follow and understand way of successfully connecting with people”. 

“Clear, concise, engaging”. – J Read, Programme Facilitator, Whangarei

“Gave a very informative presentation explaining in a way easy to understand”.  – Barbara Stainburn

“Barbara is such a clear speaking, approachable presenter who really speaks from the heart and is so authentic in what she is presenting”.  – Deb Wintle

“Informed, pictured, entertained, made sense.  Got to do it”.  – Thomo, Toll Global Express NZ

“The presentation was interesting and well-focused.  It was very relevant to me both professionally and personally at this time and also helped create a deeper understanding of and for my students and further study/.  It is also going to influence my personal teaching practice and has answered some personal questions I have had about successful relationships”.  – Melissa Bayley, Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre, Whangarei

“It helps us not only in our job, but also in our personal improvement/relationships with others”.  – Anna Lim, Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre, Whangarei. 

“Good engagement with audience, kept me interested.  Plenty of great points in a short time frame but there wasn’t too much jammed in that you feel overloaded”.  – M. Pilkington, Whangarei

“Flowed well and engaged well – Barbara presents well with good information.” – Kerry, Taratahi Agricultural Training, Whangarei.

“… Barbara delivered a fantastic enlightening presentation.  Well organised, good information, great food and she has the ability to make you want to learn more.  [Her presentations] will certainly be an asset to both your business and personal life’.  - Sue Mehrtens, Absolute Stainless, Whangarei

She explained complex things in a simple way, giving good and relevant examples.  Kept the talk interesting.  Was good to hear all this in a structured way and makes sense”.  – Rachel Joseph, Northland Regional Council, Whangarei.

“Made me aware that there’s a lot more to conversation than just words”.  – Raymond Pestana, Cactus Liquor, Whangarei.

“Explained a complicated theory in a way we could understand; used awesome teaching techniques to help information stick”.  – Raiha Maunsell, Maunsell Whanau Tutors Ltd, Whg.

“Great content, the pencil analogy was cool in that it broke down every part.  It was interactive”.  – Jason Oliver, Tec Electrical, Ngunguru.

“Awesome presentation had everyone’s attention, great analogies”.  – Helen Fulton, GoFox Electrical, Whangarei.

Presented clearly and engaging - definitely worth it”.  – Kylie, Thomas Online, Whangarei

“Demonstrated what she taught.  I would recommend engaging for both mentoring and professional services”.  – Andre Ducrot, TMG, Whangarei

“The information conveyed to the class was very useful and the way it was delivered was very clear and easy to grasp.  Do it [the seminar] – there is great knowledge to be learned that will be beneficial in any situation”.  – Joseph Waru, Whangarei

“Delivery of message and great examples, easy to follow - good intro to NLP and improving communication”.  – Tam, Whangarei

“Very concise and to the point – used research and painted a picture, more engaging”.  – Sonja Chisnall, Whangarei.

“Brought the subject to life and related to it easily”.  – Tina, Harder EECS, Whangarei

“The way Barbara communicated and engaged the audience today was incredible!  So much information presented in a way that was easy to understand and relate to”.  – KH, Whangarei

“Excellent delivery, engaging and interactive, very interesting and informative for personal and business relationships.  Get in contact with Barbara, you won’t regret it”.  – Jade, Student of CSBM, Northland.  

“A necessity for all businesses and relationships”. – Angela Rihari, Raumanga

“Spoke well and informative content – go its great!”  – Haidee, CSBM, Te Wananga o Aotearoa

“Connects well with audience - easy to understand".  Take notes and record if possible, this will be a life-changing experience”.  – Hui Busby, CSBM, Te Wananga o Aotearoa.

“Fantastic communicator, highly knowledgeable, energetic, uses analogy and makes learning interesting.  Barbara is very realistic of peoples’ needs and understands each individual’s perceptions and requirements to succeed”.  – Lou, Whangarei Natural Health, Whangarei. 

“Well-articulated, speaks clearly and uses stories well to connect with audience.  I love that you use interaction to get the audience to practice and act out learnings”.  – Teresa Watkins, Monster Graphics