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Resilience Strategies for Dynamic Times

A one-day workshop for navigating & managing change & challenge

Given the dynamic and constant change in today’s world our most important skill is our ability to adapt with resilience to change. When we can pivot in the face of adversity and develop productive, supportive and positive responses to unexpected situations, we build our confidence, improve our relationships and gain the respect of those around us.

This is both a practical and a skills-based workshop with strategies and techniques you can implement directly back to your workplace and personal life. You’ll leave with the ability to positively respond to unexpected situations and improve your relationships.  You'll learn:

  • How to differentiate between resilience & chronicity.
  • Strategies to develop helpful thinking styles.
  • Ways to manage your mind-state.
  • Skills to get calm quickly
  • Practical approaches to assist others who are finding things tough.


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What people have said about the one-day Resilience Workshop:

“I enjoyed the workshop and have taken a lot from this and learned a lot about myself.”  - M.

“Overall presentation of today was great, … Do it – you’ll be surprised at how much you may not have known.” – Jessie Boon, Amundson & Amundson, Whangarei.

“… it went above expectations.  I learned a lot about myself and techniques I’ll use.  It was a safe space for conversation and we were made to feel involved and she helped us use scenarios that would make learning better.  … you may go in with one thought in mind and come out with a jar of knowledge, life skills and new perspectives.” – Maddison Grace, Amundson & Amundson, Whangarei.

“Give it a go – you’ve nothing to lose and a lot to gain.”  - Brad, TMG, Whangarei

“… it covers a lot of techniques to help have control of yourself.”  - Inzamam, TMG, Whangarei

“It was good to learn about rapport and ways of listening t people without helping them or shutting them down.  You will walk away from this course with a lot of tools to help you in life.” – Dean Hing, Hauraki & Sons Contracting, Whangarei.

“Very helpful information delivered in a way that my brain could absorb.  Fun and positive education.  I can guarantee that you will learn valuable skills to improve your mental health.”  - Jodi Hauraki, Hauraki & Sons Contracting, Whangarei

“The informative activities we did really highlighted where I can improve my personal communication skills.  It was fun and energetic and was kept interesting and engaging.  Definitely do it.  It’s very beneficial!”  - Hayley Russell-Owen, Hauraki & Sons Contracting, Whangarei

“I could see what she was talking about and I can use all those helpful solutions every day.”  - Dylan Furze, Hauraki & Sons Contracting, Whangarei

"It has given me skills to deal with myself & clients at work and will also help me at home with my family.”  - Queenie Going, 155 Taitokerau CLC

“Great tools for my journey forward & easy to understand.  Barbara is able to make complex ideas highly relatable in a fun, safe learning environment.”  - Tracy, 155 Whare Awhina Community House

“A lot of information covered in an open-minded environment.  The opportunity to test and try techniques and have fun while learning … the tools you take away are invaluable.”  - Cassidy, Amundson & Amundson

“Enabled me to step back and view m ‘problems’ with a different perspective. Excellent tolls for those working with people.”  - Diane Bryant-Jones, Miura Orchard Services

“I liked the practical skills & tools I’m able to take away and use with myself and others.  Do it!  You’ll take something away that can help yourself and others.”  – Daisy, I Have a Dream, Whangarei

“While the workshop was about resilience, I enjoyed the points that were more related to communication and self-awareness of others … I got a lot out of anchoring and rapport with these tools being something I can use both in my work and home relationships.”  - Jon Renes, I Have a Dream Charitable Trust, Whangarei.

“… easy going and easy to understand …”  - Jenny Martin, Mike Pero Real Estate, Whangarei.

“Lots of information and practical knowledge as well as lot of resources and exercises to do – I found everything very helpful.”  - Boston, Amundson & Amundson.

“Content was varied & included different learning styles which incorporated activities, slides & videos.”  - Nicky Stroebel, Whangarei.

“This course brought to light a lot of different skills I’ve learned throughout the years but in a more practical manner … Do it!”  - Kieran, Amundson & Amundson.

“Come to the workshop with some goals and/or problems you need to resolve” – James  M, NorthTec

“… variety of activities & discussion, time to practice techniques, new ‘practical strategies, refresher of some material.  We can always learn new strategies for self-care and skills to help others.” – Linda, NorthTec.

“I’m taking away skills that I can use with students & personally for myself – well worth doing.” – Lucie, NorthTec.

“The mix between information & practical was well-balanced.  I was quite energised & excited at going forward …” – Sue, NorthTec.

“…it was good revision – some concepts were new though, so that was good … be ready to actively engage to get the most out of it – it’s a very safe environment.  Getting a book = an awesome bonus!” – Catherine, NorthTec.

“I was able to use the strategies learned to help stay calm, focus & perform to the best of my abilities.” – Janine, EVES, Whangarei

“The experience has made me aware of things I can do to help myself …” – Rachael, EVES, Whangarei.

“Content and presentation very good – a lot of ‘techniques’ and other useful tips that can be used to achieve my own outcomes.” – Sarita, EVES, Whangarei

“The workshop covered useful material around thinking styles to avoid and how to avoid them … will add to existing tools you already have.  The new tools feel like they’ll be very useful.  These will be invaluable to me.  Barbara’s delivery is always good.” – Jesse Gray, Gray Media Ltd

“I feel better equipped to deal with the challenges I face every day … do the workshop – get a better understanding of what goes on inside your head.”  Steve Haywood, Steve Haywood Master Jeweller

“Fantastic facilitation, wonderful resources.  Do it!  It’s life transforming!”   – Linda Marsh, Whangarei

“… learn valuable skills – effective listening – recommend doing this as a team.” – Jill Powell, First National Roper & Jones

“The one-day workshop is great to get a ‘taster’ of the very comprehensive 9-week course.  Definitely helpful to develop strategies for yourself.” – Julia N.

“Worthwhile doing to learn coping strategies.”  - V.R., N.R.C.

“If struggling with day-to-day life challenges and not coping, then recommend doing this workshop.” – Stephen, Whangarei

“[This workshop] added to/reiterated past learnings and introduced new tools I hadn’t seen/heard of before.  Well worth taking the day for yourself to learn or reinforce learnings, and to connect with like minded people in a relaxed and friendly environment.” – C. Harris.

“A lot of techniques to use to make improvements … well organised and presented workshop … you will learn a lot about yourself.” – S. Morgan, NorthTec.


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FREE 1-Hour Seminar "Feeling Anxious?" next session to be advised.

FREE 1-Hour Resilience Seminar "Hows your Bounce-back-ability?" 'in-person'.  Future dates to be advised - click here for generic information