Whangarei Business Women's Network

The Whangarei Business Women's Network was set up by Barbara in response to the requests by many women who had been part of the Her Business Network in Whangarei way back in 2010   The network held it's first event in March 2011 and has been offering the opportunity for Whangarei women in business to connect, share and learn in a supportive, friendly environment each month (Feb-Nov) since then.  This year, 2021, we have restructured our events to create flexibility for attendees and, to make it easy to manage any restrictions imposed by potential lockdowns due to the Corona virus.  

What’s the WBWN all about?

There are many women who enjoy doing business with each other in Whangarei—be it to share a problem or a success, source another woman in business to provide products or services, create a strategic alliance or a new customer, or simply to refer them on to someone else who can help. You know the warm-fuzzy feeling you get when you've helped someone get or achieve what they want, right?
Whangarei has a wealth of successful women who own their own businesses, work in partnership, and support successful business owners and operators. The WBWN is an avenue for celebrating these successes and connecting with other like-minded women in business. The WBWN focuses on Whangarei-based business women as speakers who share their successes, triumphs, challenges, their expertise and knowledge as well as their hints and tips for success, enabling us to learn and grow individually and collectively from their journeys.  

What happens at the WBWN?

Each month an event is held that provides the opportunity for women in business to:

  •   Connect yourself with other businesswomen in Whangarei
  •   Share your business cards and your successes
  •   Learn from a local, successful woman in business  


What makes the WBWN different from all the other networks?

There are many highly successful business networks operating in Whangarei. Many of these require a joining fee plus an annual membership fee and there's often some form of regular attendance. The WBWN is a ‘pay as you go’ option with no membership fees and no attendance requirements.  As long as you pre-register for an event, you may attend.  

Who can attend the WBWN?

Any woman in business in Whangarei is welcome to attend, whether you’re working for yourself, in a partnership or working for an employer. There’s only one rule: Pay in advance by 5.00pm, the Thursday before the event.  

How do I get to attend WBWN?

To receive an invitation each month, click here to sign up via our FB page.  If this doesn't work for you, contact Barbara directly, by email here or by phone on 021 434 778. 
You'll need to provide your name, address, contact phone number and your email details and you will be included on the WBWN database and receive an invitation each month.
To attend, you must respond by return email and pre-pay your attendance fee by internet banking by 5.00pm on the Thursday before the meeting.

What’s the cost to attend?

For 2021 we've changed our structure and our fee to accommodate the potential for lockdown, as well as to reduce the amount of administration time managing the catering side of things.  

What do I get from my $25.00 investment each time?

  •   You’ll have the opportunity to participate in an activity that will help you connect with other business women.
  •   Enjoy the opportunity to converse with other women in business and exchange business cards and information.
  •   Share business successes, stories, opportunities and challenges in a supportive environment.
  •   Learn something new from the guest speaker (a successful, Whangarei business woman).

What’s the purpose of all of this?

To create a vibrant, connected, and supportive business community in Whangarei to stimulate and encourage individual and business growth.

So what’s the Red Tape?

Payment must be made in advance by 5.00pm the Thursday before the event.

Door or late registrations will not be permitted.

Refunds or cancellations are not permitted after the closing date. However, a substitute may be sent in your place if you’re unable to attend—simply email details through before midday on the day of the event.

Tax receipts will be emailed as payments are received.  

If we are required to go into lockdown at any level and face-to-face events are not permitted, the event will be transferred onto the Zoom platform at the same time.  

Who coordinates the WBWN?

Barbara Jaques of BJ Projects. 

Where can I join the database?  

You can sign up to receive our monthly event invitations directly to your email inb-box by clicking here and filling in the form.  


What topics do you usually have and who are the previous speakers?

November 2020 – Lysa Black – Pursue Your Pleasure – What Lights you Up Lights Your Way

October 2020 – Connect and Share Evening – Facilitated by Barbara Jaques of mindMoves - An Opportunity to Create face-to-face Business Connections

September 2020 – Stephanie Mitchell – YOU Travel – The Sinking of the Titanic – Have you thought about what you haven’t thought about yet?

August 2020 – Jude ThompsonNorthland Inc – The Rise & Fall of the Crystal Ball – A snapshot of the Northland economy before and after Covid

July 2020 – Brya Pagepdc creative – How to Create a Magnetic Brand

June 2020 – Sally LeftleySL Advisory – Need to Re-Size Your Business?  What you need to know to be compliant

May 2020 – Anne LensinkVilla CA – (Re)Building a Resilient Business in Times of Crisis

April 2020 - A Facilitated On-line Networking Event (via Zoom) - Supporting each other through the Pandemic

March 2020 - Cameron Tukapua - You Being You - The ABC of Mental Wellbeing (via Zoom)

February 2020 - Barbara Jaques - BJ Projects - Dealing with Anxious Feelings

November 2019 – Kate MalcolmDive! Tutukaka - Business Unplugged – The real deal about the highs and lows of a seasonal biz (sent card 19.11.19)

October 2019 – Marketing Exchange – Let’s generate some leads for our businesses!

September 2019 – Mandy Edge – You will get there! Overcoming barriers to create success

August 2019 – Tanya McQueen – Global Spirit Films

July 2019 – Sarah Wells My Goodness! - Overnight Success 5 years in the Making!

June 2019 – Sally Leftley SL Advisory – Ignorance is no Excuse – Employment Law Changes Update

May 2019 – Barbara BeckWRMK Lawyers – From Gray Matter to Legal Matters – Intellectual Property

April 2019 – Katie GrayGiftbox Boutique - Hanging on to the Tigers' Tail - Creating, Growing & Maintaining Online Biz Growth

March 2019 – Rose Oosthuysen – Toastmasters - Take the Terror out of Talking - Overcome Your Fear & Introduce Yourself with Confidence

February 2019 – Barbara Jaques BJ Projects - How well do you Bounce Back?  Developing your Resilience Strategies

November 2018 – Robyn PearceGetting a Grip on Time – There are Never Enough Hours in the Day!

October 2018 – Nicci BurnsHydroHealthy & The Whangarei Growers’ Market – Lettuce Create our own Market

September 2018 – Dr Jan Widdowson The Doctors Kamo – What’s happening to me?  Is it me or my hormones?

August 2018 – Jasmine FullerMint Floral – Growing a Values-Based Business with Minimal Marketing Dollars

July 2018 – Di Crawford-ErringtonOn Track Bookkeeping Ltd – Building your Business as a Solopreneur – From Xero to Hero

June 2018 -  Sara ReidGFM Branding Solutions Ltd – Making your Brand work for you

May 2018 - Philippa Mannagh - Liked Media - What's happening with Facebook?

April 2018 - Christine Allen - Solas Media - How to get FREE poistive media exposure for your business

March 2018 - Mary Cook - StaffCare - Leaping into Biz for Yourself - The importance of trust and key H & S Tips

February 2018 - Barbara JaquesBJ Projects - Six Success Secrets - Useful Strategies for Managing Yourself

November 2017 – Kelly Wilson The Wilson Sisters – Following your Passion – Harnessing your horsepower to create success

October 2017 – Bernadette NormanMallets - Merging Traditional & On-line Retail - Surviving in the retail fashion industry

September 2017 – Emma JelsmaWord Perfect - The 'Key Phrase Game' - Want some feedback to benefit your organic SEO?

August 2017 – Rangimarie KellyLevel Strategy, Marketing & Design - Is Your Business Thriving Online? - 3 Factors You Need to Understand to Ensure Your Business Remains Competitive Online

July 2017 – Clare Davies-ColleyBlackdog Steel, Kotata Heights, Port Nikau - 10 Business Essentials - The SME Journey

June 2017 – Toni SherwoodRay White Realty - Staying on Top of Your Game - A Formula for Consistent Sales Success

May 2017 – Leah Peacock Sudburys - Keeping your Head while Losing your Rack! - One woman's journey through the dreaded 'C'

April 2017 – Sally Leftley – SL Advisory Ltd - Employment Law Update - An update on the latest developments.

March 2017 – Lisa HalvorsonWorkReady NZ & Workspace - "There's no Limits!" - How to shoot for the moon when everyone says "you can't do that"

February 2017 – Barbara JaquesBJ ProjectsDiscover the Confident You

November 2016 – Jules Smith Washbar – Lifting your Business from Local to Global

September 2016 – Karen Te’o – Business Growth Solutions – Grow your Business Revenue & Double your Profit in 5 Easy Steps

August 2016 – Becky CashmanGoodbye Products – Generosity Marketing – Creating Business Success without a big Spend

July 2016 – Jo LeesCreative Web Ideas – Creating Email Newsletter Content that Rocks!

June 2016 – Corinne AustinFitFix – Would you pass a Warrant of Fitness?

May 2016 – Philippa Mannagh Liked Media – Overwhelmed with Social Media?  Where can I start?

April 2016 – Vicki Ogle –  Homekill Services - Guts and Glory and well hung meat – Resilience and planning

March 2016 - Open Discussion evening – Grow your Biz – Idea sharing evening

February 2016 – Barbara Jaques BJ Projects - Procrastination – why we do it and how to change it

November 2015 – Melanie RandsEcostore – Anti-Marketing – Busting out of the BAU Paradigm

October 2015 – Kaari Schlebach Himalayan Trading Post - Generosity in Business

September 2015 – Networking - Promote your Biz night

August 2015 – Catherine Davies-ColleySewezi – From Concept to Commercial production in China

July 2015 – Tania DunnMarine North – What the Awards process can do for your business

June 2015 – Myriam HeynenEMA – An open discussion on Employment Relations

May 2015 – Barbara covered for Catherine Davies –Colley – facilitated session on the importance of connections in business

April 2015 – Jackie LintsEducare – Positioning your Biz for the Future

March 2015 – Leah CameronNatural Chemistry - Balance Yourself- Natural Chemistry -

February 2015 – Barbara JaquesBJ Projects - Reignite your Mojo

November 2014 – Nikki Davies-Colley – From Small biz to Big Biz

October 2014 -  Sarahlee Cobb -  Sarahlee Cobb Photography – Does your Biz look as good as you?

September 2014 – Gemma Buchanan - Buchanan’s Amcal Pharmacy – What are you doing to take your Biz to the next Level?

August 2014 – Shona Kelly - ReflectNZ - Unveiling the Myths of H & S Management

July 2014 – Cindy Battye – Effectively Creating and Managing your Mailing Lists and Subscribers

June 2014 – Annette JohnstonRobinsons Asphalts – Key Learnings from 20 years in Business

May 2014 – Sandra BostonKiwi Cakes – From Garage to Global Internet Business

April 2014 – Charmaine O’SheaJohnston O’Shea – Leadership Journey

March 2014 – Marketing Exchange – Speed Networking

Feb 2014 – BJ ProjectsBJ Projects - Goal Setting

November – Debbie Mayo-Smith – How to be more successful

October – Kathryn Darroch - Dress for Success – Achieving funding success in Organisations

September – Cheryl Polwarth and Karen Matich - Polwarths – Grit and Evolving Your Business

August – Sheryl Mai – Business Continuity – Is your Business Prepared?

July 2013 – Sandra McKersey –  People Potential - How to Grow your Business

May 2013 – Mary BrittonCoaching Pacific - Neuroscience and Leadership

April 2013 –Talia Mana – Leo Industries - Ways to Make Money on Line

March 2013 – Janine MatchittViola Organics - What’s Really in that Miracle Cream?

February 2013 – Fiona SouthornBayleys Real Estate - Putting the Wheels in Motion – My Olympic Journey

November 2012 – Anne Kaminski – Anne Kaminski Consulting – ‘The Changing World of Recruitment

October 2012 – Jules SmithWashbar – ‘Growing a Biz from the Ground Up’

September 2012 – Denise JensenRefining NZ – “Seizing Opportunities – My leadership Journey’

August 2012 – Janine MatchittViola Organics – Barbara Jaques Facilitated – ‘How to keep focused’

July 2012 – Robyn Banks Headlines – ‘It’s all about Attitude – How’s Yours?’

June 2012 – Andrea Ross People Potential – Dealing with Change

May 2012 – Justine AmundsonAmundson & Amundson - How to do what you love & run a successful business

April 2012– Jude Thompson - WDC - Resilience

Oct 2011- Barbara Jaques - BJ Projects - What is NLP

Sept 2011 - Linda Wallis -  Assist You - Time management – Outlook Express

Aug 2011- Katherine Kozel – Search Engine Optimisation – Demystifying Social Media August

July 2011 - Jules Rylev - Bloom Florist 

May 2011- Judy Collins Webb Ross & Co 

April 2011- Leah Peacock - Sudburys

March 2011- Maggie Dixon - Maggie Dixon Real Estate