mindMoves - Coaching & Training

Personal growth & development coaching - lead yourself authentically & congruently so others will follow

Engaging training offering you not only the what, but the 'how to' strategies so you can make the changes you want.

At mindMoves we value ...             

  • Growth - igniting the light within by feeding our hunger, and yours, for self-improvement;
  • Reliability – doing what we say we will, when we say we will, and accepting that we're all doing the very best we can with the resources we have;
  • Acceptance –  appreciating everyone has their own journey and views which may be different from ours;
  • Confidentiality - maintaining confidences and acting congruently with our values, ethics & professional commitments;
  • Esteem – honouring all humans with dignity courtesy and compassion.

We help you activate inner strength, tapping into your existing resources and:   

  • Skilling-up to build & maintain productive interpersonal relationships;
  • Opening up your view of the world;
  • Uncovering your hidden gifts;
  • Rediscovering your flexibility of mind;
  • Creating a supportive space for reflection & action planning;
  • Easily identifying tiny step-changes, one caterpillar step at a time.

We can help you with:

  • Business development
  • Relationship building at home or at work with easy-to-implement communication skills
  • Managing your staff to get the results you want
  • Achieving your outcomes - at home and at work
  • Resolving conflict effectively
  • Dealing effectively with tricky situations while keeping your relationships intact

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midnMoves offers services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund.  Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz